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This page will be full of annotated links, some day, one day, hopefully sooner than later. For now I will just include a list of links, some of which may have a brief snippet as to what they are about.

Social Justice

Some of these sites have been contributed by my friend Monica which saved me some of the grunt work of finding these sites in the first place. (Thanks!)

Human Rights

Amnesty International

A list of websites by Profeminist Men
Sent to me by a friend who wanted to reassure me I wasn't the only profeminist guy in town.

Make Trade Fair

Make Poverty History

Council on Social Welfare

National Anti-Poverty Organization

Physical Environment

David Suzuki Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation
sidenote: Some may remember that WWE - World Wrestling Entertainment used to be called WWF - World Wrestling Federation. Both groups used the WWF name for many years at the same time and everyone was happy. Word on the street is that the wrestlers decided to see the environmentalists for "infringing" on their name. I guess we know who won that match.

International Council on Social Welfare

World Watch Institute

Natural Step

Blue Planet Watch

Multi-Focused / Other

Council of Canadians

World Social Forum
Note: You may have to click English near the top of the page

Taking it Global

International Forum on Globalization

Reclaim Your Mental Environment

Adbusters Magazine

Captive Audience
Seeking to get rid of product advertisements (not previews) before movies. Discovered them while listening to Jeopardy in the other room.


Webmastering and Computers

CSS Tutorial
CSS is a computer language that dictates how a webpage should look. I choose to learn CSS in building this page as it makes it really easy to change how a page looks and in theory should make it more accessible.

Canadian Web Hosting
These are the guys that host my page for me. Reasonable prices and have been helpful to me during the occasional snag I experience.

Free Image Hosting

Gaming Steve

Internet Traffic Report

Paint Ball

Adrenaline (London Paintball)

Sunyjim Paintball Club


Social Work

Ontario Association of Social Workers

Canadian Association of Social Workers

Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers

Places to find me

Gaming Steve's Spore Forum

PCC Talk