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You have stumbled upon the online residence of Granite T. Rock. This page has been created primarily for the use of Granite so that he can reference material and refer those that he knows to various resources that they might find interesting. As such, this page is a bit quirky. As this site grows, Granite hopes to enhance the quirkiness and infuse it with creative imagination.

Granite's page is not intended to stand alone in cold. If you feel that you have something to contribute here, please let Granite know.

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Amnesty International -- March 06, 2008

I found this video recently made my Amnesty International. Apparently when they made the video they actually had someone stand on the box for 6 hours. The "acting" really isn't acting and the video is part of an education compaign about what they really think is going on behind closed doors. For more information about the video visit here and scroll down.

Camping Trip -- August 16, 2007

The view from our campsite

For those of you out of the loop, my brother Jason just got married on the August long weekend. An enjoyable time for all. You can see the photos here. Now onto current news:

Tim, his finance Jenn and I went out to Sherborne Lake for some good R & R. We headed up Sunday afternoon and left Wednesday morning. The trip was excellent overall, although I feel sorry for Jenn who spent much of the trip sleeping off a cold from hades. It was a restful trip and did quite a bit of sleeping myself. An excellent break and good opportunity to get away from everything.

Sherborne Lake is fairly isolated, with a long squiggle of a road to access it. The road is in horrible condition and at points it was questionable if we would even be able to drive through some spots. Tim reminds me that the road is in much better condition than he remembers, thanks to a recent investment by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR). Speaking of which, to our surprise, this piece of crown land is now being maintained by the MNR. While this has the upside of a smoother ride into the lake, and the installation of what some might consider a toilet; what was supposed to be a free visit ended up costing us $10.00 a night. With a larger number of people or days, this price starts to be a little be excessive. I'll definitely be dropping a line to the big wigs about this. However the extra cost may have been worth it given the low density camping sites and extreme privacy and quiet this afforded. As you can see from the photo above, the view from the campsite was amazing.

Tim will tell you that I got us lost on the way to the campsite on the large island. However, what he will leave out of the story is our conversation that went something like this:

Granite: "Is that land mass an Island?"
Tim: "No, I'm pretty sure it's part of the mainland"
Granite: "Are you sure, because I'm having trouble figuring out the scale of this map, but an island should be coming up on our left. It could make sense for it to be an island. Are you sure, 'cause it makes a big difference as to which direction we go next."
Tim: "No, the islands are much smaller, I'm pretty sure it's the mainland."

I'll leave you to decide who really got us lost.

Tim Caught a Fish Granite Ready for an Adventure

I did quite well on my first real fishing experience on the second night. Above you can see Tim with his only catch of the visit, I did one better with a total catch of 2. As is with all beginners, luck was on my side and a fish grabbed a hold within 5 seconds of my first cast. We had seen a loon diving for fish earlier at this location and it was clear the loon had the right place. Unfortunately the sun was not on our side and we made our way back to the campsite before darkness fell completely on us.

Tim and I went for an exploratory trip to find a nearby dam. However we only found a portage to Big Hawk Lake. The voyage was nice and the view was beautiful including a short tour of a campsite closed for regeneration (that site was our initial pick of sites). We ran into a poor camp councelor fearlessly leading the kids through an unofficial but very muddy portage towards Shearborne from Big Hawk. We enjoyed our meat sandwiches and slowly made our way back to the campsite.

With the unexpected camping fees being the biggest downer on the trip. It was quite enjoyable. The stars were wonderful and I was able to get a good look at the milky way. Something not so noticeable from Southern Ontario. Our trip also corresponded with the August meteor showers which was also quite a treat. The neighbours were few and it was quite easy to believe we were the only people on the lake. This was accented by the fact we were on our very on island! Be sure to check out my 360 degree view of the campsite and my Flickr album of the trip or it's corresponding map.

2007-08-14 Sherbonre Lake IMG 0015panoram

Mii gotta Wii! -- Tuesday April 24, 2007

my glowing Wii

On Easter Monday, I decided to start my hunt for the elusive Wii. For the uninitiated, a Wii is Nintendo's newest gaming system which uses motion control sensors to immerse you into the game. For example, instead of pressing a button to swing a tennis racquet, I swing the controller. The system is in very high demand and difficult to find. My search was fruitless on Monday. Before working my evening shift on Tuesday, I decided to pay EB Games a visit. Sure enough, there it was. A friendly chat with the sales person revealed how lucky I was. He reported to me that some people have been coming into the store since Christmas trying to find one. That's much longer than my couple day search. I had put one day's worth of effort in during January but figured I should wait until April to avoid the hunt.

The Wii comes with a sports game which has been lots of fun although I've had to take it easy to avoid "Wii arm" (the morning after pain that occurs from playing too much Wii tennis).

For the technically inclined, if you've been having trouble with the Wii being slow on the internet, there's a quick fix to try. I found that it took a long time to download things on the Wii as well as websurfing. I found that by changing my wireless router to channel 11, everything speed right up. I've read in a few places that the Wii works best on channel 1 or 11 and is slow on most others.

I've also had some fun making personal little "Mii's. A Mii is a little character that you can make which you can either play as in the game or sometimes shows up in the background. I don't know why but it's pretty much mandatory that every person make a Mii Hitler. I found some handy dandy instructions for several famous Mii caricatures. After 20 minutes I now have Hitler, W. Bush, Kim Jong-il, Saddam, Gandhi and Jesus to name a few. Now they can all be on the same baseball team or I can set up boxing matches.

Of course, the creation of Mii's has opened up a whole new branch of ontological study:

Monday April 23, 2007

Bags of Leaves Long Line of Bagged Leaves

Last November I purchased a semi (2 houses, one structure). While not an overly large lot, it does come with a detached garage and a small patch of backyard green space in which I can plant a garden. While I only have 2 trees on my property, I still had to combat 17 bags of leaves! That's not including the ones the people before me bagged and sent off to the compost pick-up.

Pyramid of Plugs

The house came to me in pretty good shape. The only major post-move compliant is amateur wiring that was in place upon my arrival. Several of the sockets were reversed polarity. My Dad and I rewired every socket up stairs and a few on the main floor. The biggest challenge was that upon reconnecting the computer room light switch, it would not turn off. After an hour of collective troubleshooting, we determined that one of the plugs operated off of the light switch. Once we figured that out, it didn't take us much longer to get the electrical work up to spec.

Side of Garage with a few feet of Snow snow filled driveway

Finally, here are a few pics from the giant snow storm we had in December 2006. It took myself (with a bit of help from my brother and girlfriend) 3 days to make it back to the garage. (Fortunately I had no car to rescue as I wasn't living in the house at that point.)

September 4, 2006

This page is going live. There are several things still to be done:
  • Fix all rounded corners
  • Create a proper banner for above and individual pictures to replace that smoking guy with glasses on most pages. (Don't smoke... it's evil!)
  • Post material to most of the pages (i.e. photos, stories, articles) with the exception of the Auditory Arts page which already has content. The page can be found below via the artistic expression link.
  • Create drop down menus when you hover over them.
  • Add in my thesis work on ODSP.
  • Add an "about me" section
  • Overall general development of this page and to increase it's insaneness(which is quite low right now).

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