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Auditory Arts

Below are tracks from a CD of original music entitled "Dancing with the Devil. The songs were all written and played by Peter Houghton and recorded by Brian Nelles while I was in highschool (except where noted). These mp3's are for personal use only For other uses, contact me.

Dancing with the Devil

1. The Garden Song

2. Summer Storm

3. Loss of Innocence

4. Dancing with the Devil

5. Newfoundland Song

6. Blissful Thoughts to the Lost Child of Zion

7. All the Little Children
Lyrics: Jessica Furtney
Vocalist: Andre Heywood
This song got a notable mention after it was entered into a stop racism competition.

8. Johnathan's Anguish (Hidden Track)
Recorded by Pete Henderson
Johnathan's Anguish was the result of a school assignment I did while in OAC (grade 13). The song is named in dedication of the Anguish my brother experienced hearing the song over and over again while I tinkered with it.

Other Works

John in Space - An experiment done to see what could be done with the recording software cakewalk.

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