Fighting the Federated Urge

Welcome to my new website! I’ve always wanted to make a blog but could just never bring myself to do it. I can’t see myself doing long articles but maybe random tidbits here and there.

I’ve been very excited about the recent explosion of Kbin and other threaded instances as a Reddit alternative. They have joined Mastodon in it’s success as a twitter alternative.

I did think about poking a friend to help run a Kbin but I saw the troubles IT folks on Mastodon had setting it up I thought maybe we should wait until it’s a bit more mature. I also worry about community discoverability on smaller servers.

So instead I decided to make a federated blog / website. I looked at quite a few options but they all basically required more in-depth VPS access that I don’t get with my heck of a deal shared hosting. But I did discover a federated plug-in for WordPress (the plug-in is creatively named “ActivityPub”). So to feed that federated itch I made this site. You can follow my blog posts on any federated website such as mastodon by searching for (at)granite(at) (or search this link @granite) . You can also reply to any blog entry by pasting the URL into the search box of your federated instance. Enjoy and be sure to say hello!




You can follow this blog in the fediverse (ie Mastodon) by following To reply to this post from your fediverse account simply paste the url into your instance’s search page.



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